New Era Solutions In Ports

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New Era Solutions In Ports

SaaS Technology

SaaS technology is important in Port Management Information System (PMIS) & Terminal Operating System (TOS) because it allows for increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility. By utilizing a cloud-based software platform, PMIS & TOS users are able to offer their service over the internet, providing faster access and reducing installation costs.

With a cloud-based PMIS & TOS, users are able to access the system from any location, using any device with an internet connection. This allows for increased flexibility as users can work remotely, and also allows for collaboration and communication between team and maritime stakeholders.

SaaS technology also allows for real-time updates and maintenance, reducing the need for downtime and minimizing the risk of data loss. Additionally, cloud-based PMIS & TOS users are usually able to offer faster and more frequent updates and upgrades, ensuring that their system is always up-to-date.

Intelligent Decision Making Tools with Artificial Intelligence

Increased Efficiency: Our AI prediction technology has the ability to analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, which can help improve operational efficiency in ports. With the use of AI prediction technology, ports can streamline various processes such as cargo handling, staffing, and equipment optimization, which can lead to faster and more efficient operations.

Improved Planning & Forecasting: Our AI prediction technology can provide accurate forecasts and predictions related to various port operations. This can help port managers to plan and allocate resources more effectively, including personnel, equipment, and infrastructure planning.

Cost Savings: By optimizing operations and improving resource allocation, our AI prediction technology can help ports to minimize costs. This can ultimately lead to increased profitability for port authorities and shipping companies operating at the port.

Increased Competitiveness: With the help of our AI prediction technology, your port can offer more efficient and reliable services to shipping companies, which can help them to remain competitive and attract more business. By utilizing this technology, port authorities can also enhance their reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking organization.

Digital Twin Solutions

Optimal Resource Allocation: Digital twins can help port operators optimize resource allocation by analyzing data on vessel and cargo activity, staffing levels, and other factors.

Improved Efficiency: By providing a digital representation of the physical port environment, digital twins can help optimize operations and improve efficiency.

Reduced Downtime & Costs: By enabling optimizing operations, digital twins can help reduce downtime and costs.

Increased scalability: Digital twins can help port operators plan for future growth and expansion, allowing them to optimize resources and infrastructure for maximum scalability.

New Era Solutions In Ports

Port Call Optimization

Our Port Call Optimization (PCO) refers to the process of reducing the time and cost involved in a vessel’s port call. It involves the optimization of all activities related to the port call, including vessel scheduling, planning and execution of cargo operations, bunkering, crew changes, security clearance, documentation, and communication between all parties involved, including the port authorities, terminal operators, shipping agents, and other stakeholders.

The aim of PCO is to increase the efficiency and transparency of the port call process, reduce the waiting time of the vessel in the port, and minimize the environmental impact of the ship’s operations. All of our solutions can be managed with the principle of integrated and interoperability.