I-VPORT Special Solutions

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I-VPORT Special Solution

Berth Allocation

Optimized Use of Berths: Our berth allocation solution enables the port to allocate available berths efficiently, taking into account various factors such as vessel size, cargo type, and expected arrival and departure times. This leads to more efficient use of berths and reduces waiting times for vessels.

Reduced Congestion: Our solution helps to reduce congestion within the port by providing a clear and organized plan for the allocation of berths. This ensures that vessels can enter and exit the port as quickly as possible, reducing the risk of delays and congestion.

Improved Vessel Turnaround Times: With optimized berth allocation, vessels can be assigned the most suitable berth for their cargo and size, resulting in faster turnaround times. This enables your port to handle more vessels and increase overall productivity.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Our solution can help to improve customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times and improving the overall efficiency of berthing operations. This can also help to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Reduced Costs: By optimizing berth allocation, the port can reduce costs associated with inefficient use of resources, such as tugboats and pilots, and reduce the need for overtime, resulting in greater cost savings.

I-VPORT Special Solution

Yard Planning

Increased Efficiency: Proper planning of the yard can help minimize the time ships spend waiting to unload/load cargo, reducing congestion and speeding up the entire process.

Maximizing Use of Space: With careful planning, port operators can maximize the use of available space in the yard, ensuring that all containers are placed in the most efficient locations, and reducing the need for additional yard space. Maximum efficient use of space is ensured with our AI-supported yard rule definition solution.

Improved Safety: A well-planned yard can also help reduce accidents, injuries, and damage to cargo, by ensuring that containers are properly stacked and secured.

Lower Operating Costs: Effective yard planning can help reduce operating costs by minimizing the time and labor required to move containers, and reducing the need for additional equipment.

Improved Customer Service: By reducing waiting times and minimizing damage to cargo, a well-managed yard can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

I-VPORT Special Solution

Container Stowage Planning

Our container stowage planning solution refers to the process of optimizing the placement of shipping containers on a vessel or in a yard to maximize space utilization and ensure safe transportation of goods. This involves considering factors such as container size and weight, cargo type and characteristics, vessel stability, and transport regulations.

The objective of container stowage planning is to ensure that goods are loaded and unloaded efficiently and safely, minimizing the risk of damage to both the cargo and the vessel while ensuring timely delivery. Our solution is  used to facilitate the planning process, taking into account complex data sets and generating optimized stowage plans.

I-VPORT Special Solution

Pilot & Tug Assignment

Our solution assign pilots and tug boats based on their availability, experience, and expertise. It warns operators in ETA changes by integrating with VTS. If necessary, it can reschedule all assignments autonomously.