Terminal Operating System

Why are you slowly moving towards the Smart Port and Green Port concept? Let’s run together with our significant collaborative solutions of


SaaS technology is important in


Artificial Intelligence is important in

Digital Twin

Our digital twin solution can optimize your terminal operations

Terminal Operating System


SaaS technology is important in I-VPORT TOS because it allows for increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility. By utilizing a cloud-based software platform, TOS users are able to offer their service over the internet, providing faster access and reducing installation costs and also allows for collaboration and communication between maritime stakeholders

Artificial Intelligence

With its unique feature, IVPORT TOS offers intelligent decision support tools that warn the terminals of complexities before they happen.

Digital Twin

Our digital twin solution can optimize your terminal operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve safety.

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced safety
  • Better decision-making
  • Cost savings
  • Predictive maintenance

Terminal Operating System


  • Our I-VPORT TOS functions are an essential component of the smart port and green port concept. These functions involve the use of technology and automation to optimize and streamline port operations, from cargo handling to vessel berthing.

    Our functions can enable real-time monitoring and coordination of various port activities, such as container handling, vessel movements, and cargo tracking. This helps to improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and minimize the risk of errors or delays. Additionally, our AI and Digital Twin technology can help operators predict bottlenecks or congestion and adjust workflows accordingly.

    Overall, terminal operating functions are critical to the success of smart ports, as they enable more efficient and effective port operations. By leveraging our technology and automation, port operators can better manage the complexity of modern supply chains and meet the evolving needs of customers and stakeholders.

Terminal Operating System


With the modular and dynamic structure of our smart solution, you define your processes independently of us. So you don’t hear the phrase “you’re going to use as it is”


  • Offer Management
  • Invoice Management


  • Vessel Call Management
  • Tug Management
  • Pilot Management


  • Gate Management
  • Yard Management
  • Warehouse Management


  • Equipment Management
  • Mobile App
  • Incident Management
  • Weighbridge Management
  • Railway Management


  • Authorization
  • Definition
  • Report


  • Customer Management
  • Integration and Interoperability Tools

Terminal Operating System

Benefits I-VPORT TOS

  • Satisfying discharge and loading requirements and developing vessel bay plans by transferring information to the system via EDI.
  • Automation in creating standard offers, customer-specific offers, and invoices.
  • Giving ports an opportunity to focus on the core activities of port management by managing every aspect of the firm – subcontractor relationship.
  • Optimizing nautical services (pilotage, towage, etc.) by presenting a list of vessel call operations for which pilots and tugboats can be assigned.
  • Automating entry and exit operations by the structure of integrated with bar-code and RFID applications.
  • Monitoring the actual situation at yards and approves job orders.
  • Allowing the port operators and equipment operators (stacking and moving equipment) to record operational phases through hand terminals.
  • Keeping data up-to-date by providing to customers both process and operational tracking on a real-time basis.
  • Creating early warning system, a decision support system tool based on Artificial Intelligence to prevent any confusion/complexities.
  • Creating Digital Twins, a simulation optimization system based on what-if scenarios to find the best on-time or the most cost-effective operation options.
  • Increasing safety and air quality in the port area and reducing risk of collisions by offering solutions based on Just in Time (JIT) Arrival principles.